One of a Kind!!!


Are you busy shopping round the city and need to hydrate yourself, there’s one stop solution, “THE CHAMAN COLD DRINKS”.

There are a very rare amount of people who are unaware of this impecable “Banta Bottle” available exclusively at Chaman Cold Drinks near sojati gate.

This place is in our service from last 35 years, availing bantas’ for everyone’s taste by their exotic flavors. They started with 3 rupees a bottle and still stuck to a very Budget worthy price.

Banta is especially known for it’s lemon flavor that is also one of the highest selling drinks this simple transparent lemonade will surely necessitate asking another bottle for yourselve, this is accompianed by many other flavors.

They also have a patended design of bottle having a unique style of “UNMARBLING”

Changing the Icecream Chronicles!!

Are you up with the same ethnic licking icecream, Foodie File is back with another yet a new dish, this is one of its kind. Although the Indian Icecream market is filled with various icecreams starting from Turkish ending up at Fried, that too with capricious number of flavours. ButThai Rolled Icecream still rocking Jodhpur’s market. So, here it is… Continue reading for location and prices.

So, this pictures depicts the Mango Mania which was prepared by luscious mangos rolled up with fresh cream on a precooled plate/frying pan. The prepared icecream was trully lip smacking with rainbow sprinkler adding icing on cake. Also you may try the Gulab Juman Roll I dont’ know if I am pronouncing it correct or not but it even it was tantlisng.

Now comes, where to find these rolls, One of them could be 99 bakers here in you will surrounded yourself with quintal of flavors. You can get this Mongo treat just for 60 INR.

This one is highly recommended for Jodhpurites espacially.

The Heating Competition!!

In India, dining out is giving way to “eating in” as fast-food chains latch on to food-delivery startups

Global food brands like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, too, are bolstering their tie-ups with food aggregator startups like Zomato and Swiggy, even setting up separate teams to manage these platforms

So, today I’ll be talking about some of the pros and cons about the delivery apps in India.

See, when it comes to food delivery firms, they are ruling the market right now. They are also having a large scale competition.

So, we’ll be talking about some of the pro’s and cons of the food delivery apps

To start with pros, although the food delivery apps namely zomato was introduced in India long back in 2008 as a start up. But this industry shot up steeply around 2015 with the launching of other competitors in market.

Now, in todays scenario each and every site is coming up with their daily offers, causing people loosing their requirement sense.

It is a truth but around 78% of the Indians get attracted towards the offers introduced by the companies.

Throwing out Jobs..

From my point of view it is good to order online when necessary, Ordering food online hooks up so many advantage like, as I said the offers they use, the ease of availability, also you can have a look at the reviews without drowling upon food. Talking on financial ground the online sites are easily managed and maintained. Moreover it offers plenty of jobs as delivery boys, technician and many more..

The second face..

We are all aware of the complaints regarding the delivery, most of the time the food is stale, crushed, Here I’d like to attach a picture of pizza which I received from a well reputed restraunt.

This was the pizza delivered to me last night. I spoke to the restaurant they informed me about the carelessness of the delivery boy, they do not carry their company bags. Instead they carry those school bags which destroys the food.

I request the one reading this. “DO NOT ACCEPT PARCEL FROM A DELIVERY BOY CARRYING SCHOOL BAG” lets make the public aware.

In past year observed that when they are delivered the the dish in a non-acceptable condition, all they do is they curse the restraunt.

Conclusively, I would like you all to understand your needs and order accordingly. Secondly do not accept the packets from a boy carrying school backpack.

-Suryaveer Singh

There will be a separate blog soon for pros and cons of online food delivery.

Your suggestions and are welcomed…

Also follow @foodie_file_jdpr for more updates..

Budget Bytes

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

After a long hectic week what relax the most is Weekends rather unplanned meals with family. That too on the outskirts of the city, far from the chaotic atmosphere. The place being a farm house holds its dignity. Also being on outskirt they serve amenible food. This one’s a pure veg restraunt. Also the owner of the territory Mr. Najendra holds up a amiable personality and a extrovert nature. We might come up with a collab soon….

Today dinned out at this phenomenol heritage 7th mile restraunt. Located at Mandore, in front of FDI institution.

The restraunt has a wide spread lawn with seating capacity of 100 people at times. Also it has some seating in an eclosed room.with accompanied lounge space up on the terrace.

All needs are catered by the restaurant. Here you are as free as a bird. Also the staff was humble and co-operative🙂

Now comming to the food…

Food was palatable and the presentation was top notch.”Pappad Paneer Kebbab”.Ordered this with high hope of indian authentication,
Hope didnt went down as it was a sumptous delight. There was a scope of betterment in the main course.

And what can be a good end without this”SIZZLING WALNUT BROWNIE”. This melted me. The cream bell vanilla mounted on top of the sizzling brownie was the moment of my life😍. It was so difficult to finish this up…

-Suryaveer Singh

Pizza Hut😍

This drastic change of weather was a quick call to crave something Cheesy. So here it was “PIZZA HUT”.

The weather yesterday in Jodhpur turned into a stormy although pleasant atmosphere. Which was relief sigh.

So it was a call for Pizza Hut being closer to home and perfect for the rainy weather.

Initially what we order were two “Jamuntini” which were perfect treat to the tastebud in these scorching summers. And eating horses led us to order a “ONION MAGIC PIZZA”.

The Jamuntini was strong with added cubes and flavorful Jamuns. The pizza too was super palatable. With the crust to its perfection. And unique topping with a sweet and also at the same time spicy onions.

Also, the store had some unique interior, with some bricks and mouth watering pizza posters

Also they have a have this “Ring The Bell” concept, only thing you have to do is Ring the Bell to thank the order attended, this was a unique way to thank him.

Soft scrumbled Sandwhich😍😍

Ever had those times when you were super hungry and craving for something fresh and at the same time healthy??

Yaay!!@foodie_file_jdpr_ is here with a new food RECIPE+REVIEW of another quick grab after a long time.
So here is my “SCRINNED EGG SANDWHICH”. This one’s very simple, light, basic though healthyamd heavy. So initially you need white eggs along with some butter and white/brown breads.
This is an easy go process….
To start with, crack the eggs in a preheated dish and bake them. Meanwhile you can toast the bread along butter.
The eggs consume 2-3 min to get soft scrambled. Meanwhile you can prepare a coffee or some foxnuts to have alongside.
Once it is done assemble the scrinned eggs between the breads by adding some salt and black pepper.
Once its done you can serve it with some caramel or Maple syrup.

This one was empacable, the bread was toasted to its perfection and also the eggs were assembled teadly.

Morning Quick Eats!!!

Presenting the all time favorite POHA. This one from paota circle or railway station either can’t be ignored. It was a hunger savior for me, in morning rather late night 3:30.

This place has such a fresh and positive environment in the morning which cannot be missed. Also, being late in the night this place is so lightened and busy. Being a bus stand there are almost tourists at this poha vender. There are several vemders at the circle but you’ll recognize the old one by the rush around him.

Also they serve another favorite snack MAGGI all through the night. On talking to the person I got to know that they start at morning 2:30-3:00 *night😅.


Sunny Saturdays to be rid with some quick bites from the GOLI VADA PAV

Vada pav is also known as BOMBAY BURGER is a native dish of Mahrashtra. The perfect on the go pocket meal.

Basically this dish consist of potato dumplings placed exactly at the the centre of the PAV. Casually it is accompained with few chutnies and few fried green chilli.

But this stores offers a huge range vada pav along with some rolls and some dumplings.

The Makkai Palak😍

To start with my all time favorite The makkai palak vada pav . This vada pav consist of a crunchy aloo tikki along with lots of mayo and a fresh, lil bit juicy bun. You can also give a try a makkai palak roll. And, if you are to choose between roll and pav, I would recommend you to go with the pav😋

The Hara Bhara Roll

Secondly, what I choose was this hara bhara roll with a vegetable blend inclined slightly towards onions. The roll was not crunchy but was finely grilled.

Monotonous Monday???

Who said Mondays are to be boring?? Are you going through tedious Mondays??

Why not crave for a new restaurant? @foodie_file_jdpr_ suggest you to try HONEY’S CUISINE opp to kalpatru shopping centre

This one’s a newly opened restro which offers you a wide range of variety with their unique menu. Even the interior was commendable. The “THE PULL APART“garlic bread is one the best picks from their menu I didn’t got the opportunity review it but I would highly recommend you, also you can enjoy the DRONE PIZZA which is exclusively served by them. What I tried was my comfort WHITE PASTA with main course…

The White Cheese Pasta!!

To start with, it was overloaded with cheese which was the best part about it😍. Perfectly cooked penne pasta with equal blend of sweet and spicy inclined a lil bit towards sweetness,with handfull of veggies. The gravy had something diffrent which gave it a unique flavour.

In nut-shell the restaurant is a prominent and must visit.

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